Cherish Springer

Cherish Springer is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, where she created her first adventure-driven comics at the age of 5. While “Funny Bunny” did not turn out to be a career starting endeavour, Springer chose to make drawing and storytelling a full time pursuit when she started at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the fall of 2017.

Springer’s work is strongly influenced by her experiences growing up in Utah. While not belonging to the strongly pervasive religious community, and coming from a complicated family dynamic, Springer often felt isolated from her peers. The process of drawing quickly became a form of escapism, and this is reflected in her work through strong themes of adventure and exploration. Springer expresses these themes through constant material and narrative experimentation, resulting in comics, paintings, drawings, and 3D work. Springer hopes to continue sharing her experiences through increasingly immersive projects.


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